The Blue Berry Patch

We live 30 minutes out of town, down the coast, on 50 acres mostly rolling country. While our pedigree Highland cattle love those hills, the ducks and hens are more comfortable on the flats, foraging around the 2,000 berry bushes.

We grow mostly blueberries, but also currants, gooseberries, all sorts of brambles and anything else I can get my hands on and is willing to grow in Taranaki soils. (Such as roughly 250 trees of stonefruit, pipfruit, nuts and citrus fruit). Some of our produce we sell fresh, some we process and sell the resulting preserves, together with traditional sourdough bread and gluten and dairy free baking.

We are too diverse to make organic certification a viable option, but we do follow organic and permaculture guidelines, doing our best to tread lightly on Mother Earth.

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