Taranaki Farmers Market Trust Charter Aims

In a nutshell, our market is built around the words "By Taranaki, for Taranaki".

Here's a summary of the key aspects of the Farmers Market Taranaki Trust Charter:


  • To facilitate the formation of a network of producers and consumers of primary produce in Taranaki.

  • To provide an easily accessible and affordable infrastructure for both consumers and producers in a central location in Taranaki on a regular basis.

  • To support the viable and self sufficient operation of existing and future producers, small businesses and cottage industries in Taranaki.

  • To promote, support and further the rapport and understanding between local producer and consumer in Taranaki by means of information, education and needs evaluation and by working closely with the local authorities.

  • To provide the Taranaki community with locally grown and produced wholesome food at market related prices.

Farmers Market Taranaki operates with multiple beneficial aims, primary ones being:

  • To support and stimulate profitable trading and business growth of independent primary producers, hobby farmers, community and home gardeners, and associated produce value-adders and cottage industries.

  • To provide customers with regular supplies of fresh local food and access to improved nutrition.

Community Values
Farmers Market Taranaki aims to be an integral part of the Taranaki Community and strives to provide various local benefits, including:

  • Food and nutrition education

  • Regeneration of community spirit

  • Rural/urban linkages

  • Facilitation of community based food security programs

  • Recycling of green waste and appropriate packaging.



Cecily Bull

Cecily Bull is a past stallholder of Farmers Market Taranaki and has administrative and leadership experience in mental health non-profits and community groups.

Cecily works in the background to keep the finances in order, so that the rest of the team is free to do what they do best.

Cecily enjoys being part of an organisation that is an antidote to the impersonal mechanised food system, restoring connection while providing healthy food. Farmers markets are one of the few places where customers can still get to know their suppliers - the trusting relationships that naturally develop during regular weekly encounters support wellbeing and build community. She is interested in finding novel ways to offer this experience to others.


Melissa Holmes

Melissa owns Coastal Market Garden, a small-scale market garden located 20 minutes south of New Plymouth. She and her team bring freshly harvested, seasonal produce to Farmers Market Taranaki every Sunday.

Providing locally grown healthy food to the community and having the opportunity to buy directly from the farmer are important to Melissa. The Stallholders at Farmers Market Taranaki consistently provides quality local products, and Coasal Market Garden is please to take part each weekend. 

Melissa would love to see the market grow and encourages all growers and producers in Taranaki, big or small, to get in touch with her or the market coordinator for more information on becoming a stallholder.

Board Member

Carl Freeman

Carl is an academic staff member at WITT/Te Pukenga in the Primary Industries department where is teaches horticulture. 

He has a stakeholder-focused mindset and facilitation capabilities, developed through various social entrepreneurship, facilitation, board and leadership roles. He has had a key involvement with the local food economy in Taranaki by initiating the Farming to Flourish Pivot Research and being invited to be on various expert advisory committees related to food production in the region by the likes of Venture Taranaki and Sustainable Taranaki.

Carl is passionate about capturing feedback and building continuous improvement loops into the Farmers Market Taranaki organisation. He believes the market plays an important social, environmental and economic role for the region.

Board Member & Market Assistant

Siobhan Hemingway

Siobhan is a web designer & illustrator with a passion for gardening and food. Her happiest moments are when these worlds collide and she can share her love for growing with others through art and korero.

With a background of dealing with chronic illness from a young age, she came to realise the true importance of food, where it comes from and how it can impact our wellbeing. She is a strong advocate for growing your own food and supporting local food systems to create an environment that sustains & regenerates our collective health of both the people and the land. She has also begun her studies in horticulture and will continue this path in studying organic production this year.

Also a member of the Eat New Zealand Eat Kaitaki whānau, she shares the hopes of seeing our local growers, chefs, bakers and food makers at the heart of the future of food in Aotearoa. She looks forward to seeing our market grow and become a welcoming hub in Taranaki for our community to connect with one another through nourishing kai.

Market Coordinator

Amber Matthew

Having always been an adventurous eater and curious about all things food related, Amber developed a keen interest in the local food scene and went on to create Tasty in Taranaki - a blog entirely devoted to exploring all tasty things grown, produced, and cooked in the Taranaki region of New Zealand.

Amber has an extensive range of experience working in hospitality, banking, and the non-profit sector. She has always been drawn to roles where she could get to know people, listen to their stories, and help them solve problems or reach goals. Amber never meets a stranger and enjoys being able to grow relationships and connect people throughout all types of industries.

Knowing the great number of talented people who are creating amazing food products and growing exceptional produce and livestock in Taranaki, Amber realises the potential for Farmers Market Taranaki to grow and is excited to be a part of making that happen.