Mattie Pâtisserie

We are two French Chefs, Tiph and Math, passionate about creating delectable French desserts.

At Mattie Pâtisserie we specialize in crafting exquisite treats that are as beautiful as they are delicious : seasonal tarts like lemon meringue or plums and frangipane tarts. Cannelés from Bordeaux (where Mathieu comes from) is one of our signature. We enjoy making unique creation like Le Rocher and many others. 
Something sure, our French desserts are made with love and care. 

With years of experience in high-standards restaurants in France, we have honed our skills to ensure that each bite is a masterpiece.
Each desserts are made from scratch and quality is our top priority. We believe that using the finest ingredients is the secret to creating mouthwatering pastries. Our ingredients are sourced from trusted local suppliers, ensuring freshness and flavour that you can taste.

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