Frank John & Erin Manu


"Beautifully concise guitar playing, tasty harmonies, well-crafted originals and brilliant covers" – Chris Penman

Originally from Amsterdam, Frank brings his technical brilliance to this New Plymouth-based duo, while his Taranaki-born wife, Erin, provides the driving rhythm guitar and has a reputation for her unique style on the banjo - described by Albi (& The Wolves) as having 'a kinda swagger'. The couple hit the festival circuit in 2012 as founding members of The FEDZ, with Dusty Burnell. By 2014 the band expanded with the inclusion of Wellington Bluegrass Society President, Andrew Bicknell, resurfacing as The Federal String Band. Current projects include an all-female Eagles Tribute folk instrument band for Erin, aka The Eagals, and the pair is busy working on a studio recording of Frank’s originals. Frank continues to support local musicians in his role as Manager of the New Plymouth Rockshop. Erin teaches guitar, banjo and ukulele.

Whether it's a sizzling acoustic instrumental or the soulful delivery of a ballad, they capture the essence of “guitar and song”, through the variations of the acoustic genre – folk, blues, country, bluegrass, swing, classical. All wrapped into a neat Kiwi-Dutch package. They perform some hidden gems, well-known standards, and their own compositions.

“Frank...with his Doc Watson voice and plays the hell out of that guitar” – Wellington Folk Festival fan

“Erin...a voice like a crema-rich latte” – Auckland Folk Festival fan