Bee & Flow Manuka Honey

Bee & Flow Manuka is naturally crafted in a remote and rugged part of Eastern Taranaki at the Headwaters of the Tangahoe River on one side and the shores of Lake Rotorangi in New Zealand by our undisturbed bees that fertilize by transferring pollen to the Manuka Shrub Summer. We see the bees as a permanent part of the farm landscape. We love to see the sight of beehives dotted around the farm and are sure that our Bees love the same view of the farm throughout the year.  For this reason, we leave our beehives throughout the farm all year round.  This allows the bees to benefit from a range of pollen and nectar sources without suffering the trauma and disease risk of being transported and kept in crowded winter apiaries.

Bee & Flow Mānuka is independently tested and certified in New Zealand. Bee & Flow Mānuka honey is graded using the Methylglyoxal (MGO) grading system, which verifies that the Mānuka honey you are buying is authentic. The MGO rating is well recognized as a mark of real Mānuka honey; the higher the MGO rating in Mānuka honey, the higher the level of antibacterial activity, Mānuka’s key differentiator and global appeal. The MGO Certification is scientific, precise, and transparent.

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