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Welcome to Baked by Blanche, let us introduce ourselves...

Andrew is the head baker, Jo is the creative and driving force and Silas is why we do what we do!
Andrew's career has been an interesting journey. Leaving school he followed in his older brother's footsteps and became a qualified baker. Spending an entertaining fifteen years working in the hospitality scene in Wellington. Then following a dream he had when he was eight he pursued a funeral directing career, moving to Auckland and ultimately Hawera. After fifteen years in that profession he was ready for a change. Unsure of what next, we had a small "Life after Death" party with friends. And Jo, keen for some homemade bread from her baker husband, brought a gift of a sourdough starter and some books. Soon he was making bread the old way, by hand and with passion. The new/old career had begun! 

Our emphasis is on NZ grown and milled wheat, making bread entirely by hand, and restoring the faith in wheat! Don’t forget gluten…. Ferment it!!!

We bring our hand crafted bread and Deluxe Doughnuts to the Taranaki Farmers Market every week. 

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