Blue Petal Botanicals

Blue Petal Botanicals is located on a small farmlet close to Taranaki National Park. Their facilities are in an old converted milking shed set up for drying herbs, extracting honey and with a commercial kitchen for preparing products from herbs and honey from the property.

For the last 20 years, Martina has been planting trees, shrubs, natives, an orchard and now has a herb field flourishing too! 

Seasonal, small-batch and sustainable harvests ensure products contain the most beneficial properties for wellbeing.

Ask Martina about her excellent range of culinary seasonings, infusion blends, mulled wine herbal mix, infused honey, herbal oxymel (herbal apple cider vinegar with honey), healing balms, hydrosols (distilled medicinal plant waters) and more. 

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Martina Murray
027 292 2721

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