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Eligibility Chart


Want to become a stallholder?

Our market is always looking for new stallholders.

We follow the rules of Farmers' Markets NZ organisation (to select local stallholders).

It's about local customers supporting local growers and producers, or as we say "Made in Taranaki, for Taranaki".

We provide an entry point for local enterprises, some who support other local providers who may not be stallholders (e.g. by sourcing local ingredients).

To check if you would fit within the framework governed by the Farmers Market Taranaki Trust Charter, please review the following list:

  • Is your product grown, reared or produced in Taranaki?
  • Are you a resident of Taranaki?
  • Is your product food related? Very occasionally we allow non-food items on a temporary basis.
  • If your product is processed, is it produced in a registered kitchen and are the main ingredients sourced within Taranaki (where available)?

If you answered "Yes" to all the above there is a strong chance your application will be approved by the trustees.

You can phone or email our Market Coordinator or come and chat to one of the trustees at the market to discuss your idea with us.

All applications will be will be individually reviewed by the trustees using common criteria.

Click on the "Documents" tab above to access application forms and other relevant material.

Our postal address is:

PO Box 8065
Currie Street
New Plymouth 4310

Market Coordinator Email: marketcoordinators@gmail.com