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Eligibility Chart



You are encouraged to read some documents which can be found under the "Documents" tab on this website.

Start with "Read This First" which lists some basic facts about the market and what the advantages are in becoming a stallholder at the market.

"Required steps to becoming a stallholder" takes you through the process of obtaining any permits or licences you may need and how to apply to Farmers Market Taranaki Trust to join us.

Another document called "Information For Stallholders" provides practical information for stallholders.

  1. Market site
  2. Council requirements
  3. Stall requirements
  4. Stall costs and booking (procedure)
  5. Location of stalls within the market
  6. Market hours
  7. Car parking
  8. Stallholder applications
  9. Packaging
  10.  Electricity, water, toilet facilities
  11.  Communication

Please also refer to "Stall Rental Rates" for the current market season.

Finally, we strongly recommend that you read and understand the “Farmers Market Taranaki Trust Charter” document. This document drives the way we operate the market and emphasises the "community" nature of what we do.

Application forms can also be found under the "documents" tab.