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Charter Aims

In a nutshell, our market is built around the words "By Taranaki, For Taranaki".

Below you will find a summary of the key aspects of the Farmers Market Taranaki Trust Charter:


  • To facilitate the formation of a network of producers and consumers of primary produce in Taranaki.
  • To provide an easily accessible and affordable infrastructure for both consumers and producers in a central location in Taranaki on a regular basis.
  • To support the viable and self sufficient operation of existing and future producers, small businesses and cottage industries in Taranaki.
  • To promote, support and further the rapport and understanding between local producer and consumer in Taranaki by means of information, education and needs evaluation and by working closely with the local authorities.
  • To provide the Taranaki community with locally grown and processed wholesome food at market driven prices.


Farmers Market Taranaki operates with multiple beneficial aims, primary ones being:.

  • To support and stimulate profitable trading and business growth of independent primary producers, hobby farmers, community and home gardeners, and associated produce value-adders and cottage industry.
  • To provide customers with regular supplies of fresh local food and access to improved nutrition

Community Values

Farmers Market Taranaki aims to be an integral part of the Taranaki Community and strives to provide various local benefits, including:

  • Food and nutrition education
  • Regeneration of community spirit
  • Rural/urban linkages
  • Facilitation of community based food security programs
  • Recycling of green waste and appropriate packaging


The following guidelines are intended to define the purpose and facilitate relations between The Trust and interested parties.


Farmers Market Taranaki is a registered charitable trust run on not-for-profit principles. The management of The Trust aims to represent community stakeholders, farmers and other vendors.

Food Only

Vendors at the market are only entitled to sell primary produce (including small livestock), fresh food and value-added, processed produce.
The only exceptions are self-propagated potted herbs, plants and flowers, cut flowers and seeds, compost, natural fertiliser and worm farms.
All produce has to be of Taranaki origin.


1. All produce must be sold by the person, family member or farm-based employees who grew, reared, caught or made it, i.e.: a principal producer or representative who is directly involved in the production process or the collection in the case of harvest in the wild.


2. Value added produce is to be of high quality, produced by the vendor in Taranaki and the main ingredients are to be derived from the vendor’s property or from the Taranaki region as stated in “Authenticity”.

Exceptions may be allowed where main ingredients cannot be sourced from within Taranaki. Please talk to the market trustees.

3. Provenance of the product is to be clearly communicated, identifying the producer, address, and method of production. Every vendor has to display these details at the point of sale in an easily accessible and understandable manner.

4. Pricing must be clearly displayed, weights and measures accurate, and scales compliant with regulations

5. Appropriate measures will be taken by The Trust to preserve the authenticity of the market and all its transactions.

Produce Quality

1. Farmers Market Taranaki is committed to offer for sale fresh, high quality, seasonal Taranaki produce and high standard, value added food products.
2. The manufacture of all value added products must comply with applicable regulations regarding food processing, packaging and labelling.

Geographic Boundaries

• Only products with a Taranaki provenance may be sold (grown, caught or made). This includes Taranaki coastal waters.